Friday, June 27, 2014

Red cards and drums - Weekend of protests against Abe administration in Shinjuku, Tokyo

A rally and march titled “Let's say No! to the Abe administration Aloud – the June 15 demonstration in Shinjuku” was held in Tokyo on June 15. “We are totally against a country to wage wars!” “Abe, No! Abe, No! No! No! No!!” Chants of 480 protesters echoed in the busy town on a Sunday afternoon. At the pre-march rally, AMAMIYA Karin, an author and activist, and YAMAGUCHI Motoaki of the Part-timer, Arbeiter, Freeter & Foreign Workers union made speeches. “We are making desperate efforts to stop exacerbation of serious problems,  wars, nuclear and poverty, among others. Let's voice our concerns and anger in this demonstration.”  “Many workers are forced to do unpaid overtime. Large businesses have internal reserves of more than 20 trillion yen, but they refuse to provide workers with their due shares. We are pressed to make a decision to take on a full-scale fighting against the administration of and for the wealthiest population for the survival of ourselves.”  The marchers relaxed in the sunshine of early summer walked around the railway station for about an hour vigorously, with various signs and red cards in their hands.  (By OZAWA Kuniko)      
 Video (no subtitles) 

The march of “Angry Drummers” started at 2pm on June 14 in a park in Shinjuku, Tokyo. “Quit, Abe! Say no to fascism!” “Protect our constitution! Save the article 9!” - the protesters walked through a busy town on a holiday afternoon in the hot sun and appealed to passers-by. Some seemed to be impressed with the powerful sounds of drums and get interested. We'll never ever allow such an idiot prime minister to ruin the pacifist constitution that the people have valued for many years.” The drumming and chanting heated up, reflecting the boiling anger of the protesters. The sounds encouraged struggling people and would be bells in the funeral to the ears of fascists. The reporter was convinced that the Birnam Wood would move one day, bringing an end to the present administration that ignore people's voices.  (By MAKIKO Yoshimaru)   
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「戦 争する国絶対反対!」「アベ!ダメ! アベダメダメ!」、新宿の街に安倍政権ダメの声が響いた。6月15日午後「安倍政権はダメだとはっきり言おう!6.15新宿デモ」が行われ、480名が参 加した。デモ出発前、アルタ前広場では、作家の雨宮処凛さんやフリーター全般労組の山口素明さんが「戦争、核、貧困などの問題をなんとか止めたい、デモで 声を 上げよう」「残業代もらってない人多いと思う。企業は20何兆円もの内部留保があってもこっちには回さない。富裕層の政権を倒して生きていけるようにする のか、今問われている」とアピールした。夏の日差しを浴びて新宿駅を一周する約1時間のデモは、さまざまなプラカードやレッドカードが掲げられ、ゆった りとにぎやかだった。(尾澤邦子)  
動画(新宿デモ 4分)


6 月14日午後2時、東京・新宿 の柏木公園から出発した「怒りのドラムデモ」隊は、炎天下の新宿の街頭を「安倍はやめろ!ファシズム許すな!」のスローガンをシュプレヒコールしながら行 進した。同時に、「憲法こわすな!9条守れ!」と道行く人々に訴えた。打ち鳴らされる強烈なドラムのリズムが雑踏の人々にも伝わっていくのか、関心を 向けてくれるようにも見える。長年守られてきた平和憲法をこんな馬鹿な奴の勝手な解釈で変えられてたまるか。ドラムとシュプレヒコールはいよいよヒート アップし、デモ隊の怒りは沸点に達していく。それは闘う人民を鼓舞する響きであり、またファシストたちへの弔鐘である。バーナムの森は必ず動く。人々 の声を無視する独裁者は必ず滅びる。(牧子嘉丸)  
動画(ドラムデモ 4分)

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