Friday, June 27, 2014

Stop the elimination of jobs by runaway Abe cabinet ~1,000 people surround Diet

About 1,000 workers and citizens gathered to form a human chain surrounding the Diet in the evening of June 5. The action was to oppose lifelong temporary work, unpaid overtime and corruption of other labor laws, all of which are being enforced by the Abe administration. Trade union officials, lawyers, opposition parliamentarians, as well as regular and casual workers struggling for permanent employment and reinstatement made speeches one after another in the pouring rain of the rainy season. “Back down on the bill for lifelong dispatch! No to society with zero permanent workers! No to unpaid overtime! Stop karoshi! Eliminate evil companies!  Don’t destroy labor laws! ” These slogans were chanted at the Diet building. (By NISHINAKA Seiichiro

安 倍自民党政権による無法状 態が続く国会情勢の中、6月5日夕方、国会議員会館前で、「生涯派遣・残業代ゼロ・労働法制の大改悪反対~6•5国会包囲大行動」が行われ、約1000人 の労働者•市民が集まった。梅雨入りし絶え間なく雨が降りしきる中、労働組合幹部や弁護士、超党派の野党国会議員、雇用の正規化や解雇撤回を求めて闘う正 規• 非正規労働者らが次々に壇上に上がり、「生涯派遣法案を撤回せよ! 正社員ゼロ社会、残業代ゼロを許さない! 過労死増やすな!ブラック企業をなくせ! 労働法制を改悪するな!」等々、怒りを込めて訴え続け、シュプレヒコールが国会議事堂に向けて鳴り響いた。(西中誠一郎)


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