Friday, October 17, 2008

60 TMPCWA Members Protest in Front of Toyota HQ

A “Rally for Sending the Negotiating Team to Toyota” started at 9 AM of September 15, 2008 in front of its headquarters. President Ed Cubelo and Vice President Wenecito Urgel of the Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Workers Association (TMPCWA), the leaders of the groups to support the struggle in Aichi and Kanagawa Prefectures, and Mr. Wakatsuki Tadao of the All Toyota Labor Union protested Toyota and delivered messages of solidarity with workers. Seven delegates including Secretary General Hayakawa of the All Japan Shipbuilding and Engineering Union (SEU) negotiated with the persons in charge on the Toyota side. How were our demands treated during the negotiation? Mr. Cubelo criticized Toyota’s collusive relationship with the Arroyo administration of the Philippines and appealed that his “life was threatened” by the Philippine Army. Other participants in the rally insisted that Toyota was responsible for anything that would possibly happen to members of the union and demanded the Toyota staffs inform the appeal to their superior while setting rules for confirming that their demands have been passed accordingly. However, the Toyota staffs did not show any sincerity, saying, “We will inform your demands to our boss. Local matters are supposed to be solved locally”.



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