Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Meeting of Citizens and Diet Members for Radical Revision of the Temporary Staffing Services Law - Smashing Is the Only Solution for Proposition of th

Concerning the revision of the Temporary Staffing Services Law, the seedbed of the working poor, the Labor Policy Council made a proposition on September 24 to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. In opposition to the proposition, citizens and some Diet members had a meeting on October 9 in an Upper House conference room. The room was more than full of 150 participants from labor unions and the media. In relay talks, Satoshi Kamata, Takao Saito, Makoto Yuasa and Karin Amamiya emphasized before anything else the need for a move to change the basic framework of the gap-widening society while revealing that the Labor Policy Council's proposition could never remedy the situation in any sense. In this meeting, there was also an appeal from a member of the newborn union of detached cabin attendants for Turkish Airlines concerning the actual state of the disguised contracting practices involved. In concluding remarks, Asami Nakano from the Dispatched Workers' Network said with anger, "Today's talks have made me convinced that the Labor Policy Council's proposition must be smashed, not protested."