Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Block Extension of Fuel Supply Activity by SDF! -Article Nine Revision Blocking Association's Sit-in Goes on in Front of the Diet Building

 "Let's stop the SDF's fuel supply activity in the Indian Ocean." On October 14, the Article Nine Revision Blocking Association formed by the Zengakuren/Zenkyoto generation resumed sit-in protest in front of the Diet building (see photo). Forty members participate every day with appeals, "Put an end to the Aso administration that aims to make preemptive revision of Article 9" and "Democratic Party of Japan, don't use the bill for extending the new fuel supply law as a bargaining tool for Diet dissolution." In the House of Representatives, a session started for deliberation on the New Anti-terrorism Special Measures Law (New Law for MSDF Refuelin Activities in the Indian Ocean) on October 10, making the political situation tense as the law is to be sent to the House of Councilors after its adoption in a plenary session in the House of Representatives on 21st at the earliest. On 20th, citizen groups and labor unions will stage an emergency action in front of the Diet building. See homepages of the organizations involved.


 「自衛隊のインド洋給油活動をやめさせよう」と、全学連・全共闘世代の「9条改憲阻止の会」が、10月14日からふたたび国会前で座りこみを開始した(写真)。連日40名が参加し「9条改憲の先取りを狙う麻生内閣にとどめを刺そう」「民主党は“解散”の取引に給油新法延長法案を使うな」と訴えている。衆院では10日から新テロ対策特別措置法(インド洋派兵給油新法)の審議に入っており、21日にも衆院本会議採決で参院へ、という緊迫した状況になっている。20日には、市民団体・労働組合による国会前緊急行動が行われる。 当該HP

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