Saturday, October 18, 2008

Labor Film Festa 2008 Touches Heart of 200 Viewers

On Sept. 20, Labor Net Japan held Labor Film Festa 2008 at Zensuido Kaikan Hall in Tokyo. Some 150 people came to see the first film of the day and currently popular "Kanikosen (Crab-canning boat)." About 100 people came to see each of the afternoon screenings of an Argentinean film, "Proxima Salida," "Be More Human -- Kokuro's 15-year Struggle," short film selections, "We Are Not Defeated." Audiences were especially impressed with the South Korean documentary of Dong-il texitile factory workers union "We Are Not Defeated," which depicts struggles and lives of women workers at the factory. The film showed the history of South Korea's democracy movement. "I was crying through the entire film," one attendee said after the film, "but the tears were not for sorrow but for the women who gave me courage." The total number of visitors exceeded that of last year at about 200.