Friday, October 17, 2008

Appeal to Public Opinion - Nakano Hayato’s “Hikyaku” Caravan Crosses the Finish Line

In the afternoon of September 12, 2008, “Nakano Hayato’s Tokaido Hikyaku Caravan”, which campaigned for the resolution of the firing of 1,047 former national railways workers, arrived at Nihombashi in central Tokyo, the final destination. Mr. Nakano (photo) had continued running for 500 kilometers from Kyoto since September 3 in a traditional “hikyaku” postal deliverer costume. He was very fine and enthusiastically welcomed by about 70 supporters. The following persons also ran together with Mr. Nakano: Mr. Mizumoto, member of the Kokuro (National Railworkers’ Union) Kitami Struggle Group; supporters from Miyoshi City Workers’ Union in Shikoku Island; and Mr. Takaku, retired Kokuro member. Mr. Nakano said with a suntanned smiley face, “It is impossible to carry out the caravan alone. It was possible thanks to the support of many people. I am happy if I can appeal to public sentiment even a little”. On that day, a reporter of Hokkaido Shimbun, local newspaper in Hokkaido, interviewed with him. During the campaign, many news media reported the caravan and the issue of the mass firing of the former national railway workers. (See Union Tube and relevant websites)


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