Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tokyo's Education That Continues Destroying Education ~ Gathering to Stop 'Kimigayo' Dismissal

On Sept. 19, a group to protect Junko Kawarai and Kimiko Nezu from being fired hosted a gathering in Tokyo's Nakano district to win their lawsuit. The meeting ended in a great success with about 80 people showing up, which was more than expected (See photo). A DVD, "Gakko wo yamemasu (I quit school)," which was produced by former elementary school teacher, Masanori Yumoto, was screened at the outset of the event. The movie showed how bad Tokyo's educational institutions have become. After the movie, Mr. K of Machida Teachers Union reported on Tokyo Education Board's dismissal guidelines and current situation at schools. The teacher said that nearly 100 newly-employed teachers left their jobs within a year and at least one newly-hired teacher has committed suicide every year in the past four years as teachers are overworked with no breathing space. Rather than being revived, education is being destroyed fast in Tokyo. (By Hidekiyo Watanabe)


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