Friday, October 17, 2008

Recognize Former Nuclear Power Plant Worker Kiyuna Tadashi as Industrial Accident Victim Now! - Signatures Filed to MHLW

On September 11, 2008, the second action for the recognition of Mr. Kiyuna Tadashi, who worked at nuclear power plants and died of malignant lymphoma, as work-related accident victim was carried out from 1 PM at the Office Building of the House of Councilors (Upper House). About 50 persons joined the action. Kiyuna Sueko, Tadashi’s wife, came here from Okinawa to present 61,346 (154,715 in accumulated total) signatures collected from all over Japan to the person in charge of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Sueko appealed, “I think that the ministry officials understand exposure to radiation is bad for our health. I want them to imagine how much we are suffering. We grudge the national government. We want my husband to be recognized as industrial accident victim urgently”. (Reported by Sasaki Yumi)


 9月11日、「原発で働き、悪性リンパ腫で死亡した喜友名(きゆな)正さんの労災認定を求めて 第二回中央行動」が参議院議員会館で午後1時から行われた。市民を中心に約50名が参加した。故喜友名正さんの妻末子さんが沖縄から上京し、全国から届けられた6万1346筆(累計15万4715筆)の署名を厚生労働省担当官に手渡した。末子さんは、「人間が放射線を浴びること自体、身体に悪いことは厚労省もわかっていると思う。家族がどんな苦しい思いをしているか、考えてほしい。私たち家族は、国が憎い。一日でも早く労災認定をしてほしい」と訴えた。(佐々木有美)

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