Sunday, July 8, 2012

“Move to Fukushima to take responsibility!” Muto urges TEPCO at stockholders meeting


The stockholders meeting of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) was held on June 27 at the National Yoyogi Arena in Tokyo. The huge venue was filled with nearly 5000 stockholders. TEPCO chairperson Katsumata, opened with an  apology for the Fukushima disaster, but it was  empty talk. The vice-president answered the request to stop nuclear power plants by saying, “We will not retreat from nuclear power generation, since it is necessary for a stable supply of electricity.” The answer was greeted with a loud boo. MUTO Ruiko of the No Nukes Fukushima Women spoke for the 402 No Nukes TEPCO Stockholders when she said, “We are still in danger of radiation and contamination, especially from the number 4 reactor. All the TEPCO board members should relocate to Fukushima and should assume their social responsibility to compensate victims for the radiation and contamination.” The vice-governor of Tokyo, Inose, grilled board members over  the cover-up of the TEPCO Hospital case and  the rehiring of Katsumata as an outside board member of the Japan Atomic Power Company, making TEPCO officials wince in silence. The meeting went on for 5 hours as the No Nukes stockholders tirelessly criticized the power company. (M)


27日午前10時、東京電力の株主総会が、東京・国立代々木競技場で開催された。どでかい会場に、5000人近い株主がすっぽり収まった(写真)。冒 頭、勝俣会長が原発事故のお詫びを表明したが、言葉だけだった。原発撤退を求める株主質問に対して副社長は、「原発からは撤退しない。将来の安定供給のた めに重要だ」と回答し、会場から激しいブーイングを浴びた。「脱原発・東電株主(402人)」の提案説明では、「原発いらない福島の女たち」の武藤類子さ んが立ち、「放射能汚染そして四号機問題など私たちは今なお不安の中にいる。ここにいる役員は福島に居を移すべきだ。そして速やかな賠償・被ばく労働への 補償など社会的責任を果たしてほしい」と迫った。また猪瀬東京都副知事は、「東電病院の情報隠蔽」「勝俣会長の日本原電再任問題」を鋭く追及し、会社側が たじたじとなる一幕もあった。総会は午後3時すぎまで続き、脱原発株主が終始、会社批判の声を上げた。(M) 

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