Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Poverty being even more serious – “Anti-Poverty Campaign: National Caravan TV”


 The “Anti-Poverty Campaign: National Caravan” started from Kushiro, Hokkaido on July 14, 2012. This caravan was broadcast in Tokyo in the afternoon of this day, joined by UTSUNOMIYA Kenji, a lawyer (center). Part one began with a report from Kushiro that referred to the situation in which one in 17 people is on welfare, followed by many other reports from all around Japan through Skype. Part two was a corner of quizzes about poverty, and the answers about Japan were funny but frightening: “Japan’s poverty rate is fourth highest among OECD member countries”, “Japan is the only developed nation with continuously decreasing wages”, and “The ratio of non-regular employees in Japan is 35%”. Mr. Utsunomiya said, “The situation has been rather worsened. It is the most important that those in poverty raise their voice. We would like to make it possible through the caravan”. (M)

すさまじい貧困の実態 浮き彫りに~「反貧困全国キャラバンTV」放送

7 14日北海道・釧路から「反貧困全国キャラバン」がスタートした。この日の午後、東京・新宿のスタジオでは「キャラバンTV3時間生中継」が放送され た。ゲストは宇都宮健児さん(中央)。「17人に1人が生活保護」という釧路の実態をはじめ、スカイプで、北海道・埼玉・愛知・滋賀・岐阜・三重・福岡・ 沖縄の各地から生の声が寄せられた。第2部の「反貧困クイズ」は爆笑の連続だったが、「OECD加盟国で日本の貧困率は第4位」「先進国で賃金が下がり続 ける唯一の国」「非正規率35%」など、日本のすさまじい実態を知り、回答した若者たちも青ざめた。宇都宮さんは「派遣村から変わっておらず、むしろ悪く なっている。当事者が声を上げることが一番大事。キャラバンを通してそういう状況をつくっていきたい」と語った。(M 

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