Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A large park filled with overwhelming 170,000 “No Nukes!” voices


On July 16, 2012, a very sunny day, thousands of people gathered in Yoyogi Park in central Tokyo one after another from all around Japan, where there was a big rally against nukes. Many members of national and local trade unions also joined the rally, including teachers, medical workers and dockworkers, as well as great many individuals and members of grassroots groups. The rally, “July 16: Farewell to Nukes”, attracted much more people than the one that was held on September 19, 2011 in Tokyo with 60,000 participants. Japanese people, who were supposed to be obedient, finally stood up. The large park was filled with not only the summer heat but also outrage of the people. All the participants were smiley and confident of eliminating all nuclear power plants. (M)


天に恵まれた716日、東京・代々木公園は熱く燃えた。参加者は関西、北陸、東北、長野など、文字通り全国からバスを連ねてやってきた。労働組合も教 組、医労連、全港湾、全労連、地区労はじめ大結集。そしてさまざまな市民グループ、とくに個人参加が目立つ。「7.16さようなら原発集会」は、昨年9 19日の6万人を質量ともに上回る巨大集会となった。「おとなしい」と言われ続けた日本の民衆が、ついに立ち上がったのだ。うだるような暑さに加え、代々 木公園は怒りの17万人でヒートアップした。参加者はみんな笑顔、「絶対原発はなくせる」という自信に包まれていた。(M

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