Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Protest against restart of Oi Nuclear Power Plant never stopped – In Oi and Tokyo



In defiance of strong criticism, the operation of the Oi Nuclear Power Plant restarted at 9 pm on July 1, 2012. Many protesters continued to chant “Don’t restart!” with drum beats until very late at night despite the riot police’s violent intervention. This protest was broadcast on the Internet (photo on the left) and always viewed by 26,000 people. Many messages were sent to the demonstrators on Twitter from all around the world. On the other hand, many people protested against the restart in the Shinjuku district, Tokyo, chanting “Shut down nukes!” and “Don’t restart!” (photo on the right). People’s outrage was getting even stronger. (M)
Photos of theprotest in Shinjuku


7 1日午後9時、大飯原発運転開始が強行された。現地のゲート前では、機動隊が暴力排除を繰り返す中、抗議の人たちがドラムにあわせ「再稼動反対」の声を 深夜まで上げ続けた。この攻防の様子はIWJがネット配信(写真左)、常時視聴数は26千に達し、世界からもツイッターで応援メッセージが書き込まれ た。一方、東京・新宿アルタ前にもたくさんの人が集まり(写真右)、「原発なくせ」「再稼動反対」の大コールを響かせた。6.29空前の官邸前行動でブ レークした人々の怒りは、広がる一方だった。(М) 

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