Wednesday, March 27, 2013

People getting even angrier – 40,000 join anti-nuke action on March 10

People want denuclearization even more strongly two years after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. Approximately 40,000 joined the “Action for Zero Nukes” organized by the Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes on March 10, 2013. It took two hours for all demonstrators to leave the starting point of the demonstration, in which a rally was held in the afternoon. They were from a wide age range, and many of them were couples with small children. The demonstration was full of music and costumes. At night, another rally was held in front of the Parliament Building, joined by KAN Naoto, a former prime minister. Mr. Kan emphasized “no nukes”. We are sure that their voice “Down with nukes!” was heard by the members of the current administration led by Prime Minister ABE Shinzo. (M)
* Photo: Rally at the Hibiya Open-Air Music Hall, packed with people

7-minutevideo (YouTube)
Photos (Shinya)


脱原発を求める人々の声は、3.11から2年経っても衰えるどころか、ますます強まり広がっていることが示された。310日(日)、反原連が呼びかけた 「原発ゼロ大行動」には、日比谷集会・請願デモ・周辺省庁8ヶ所の抗議・国会正門前大集会と合わせて約4万人(主催者発表)が参加した。午後の集会が開かれた日比谷野音には人が押し寄せ場外にあふれ、デモが全部出るのに2時間かかるほどだった。参加者の年齢層は幅広い。お年寄りから中年・女性・若者まで広がりを見せた。とくに小さな子ども連れのファミリー参加が目立った。デモは経産省をぐるり一周して国会へ向かうコース。サウンドカー・ドラム隊など音楽に溢れたデモ、仮装でのアピールなど楽しい行進が続いた。そして夜には国会正門前を埋めつくしての集会。菅直人元首相も初めて参加し「原発ゼロ」を強調した。霞ヶ関一帯を包んだ「原発いらない!」の声は、安倍政権に確実に届いたはずだ。(M

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