Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We are NOT a US colony! PM Abe strongly condemned for announcing participation in TPP negotiations

On March 15, 2013, hundreds of people protested in front of the Parliament Building and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry against Japan’s Prime Minister Abe’s announcement to participate in the opaque and undemocratic TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) negotiations despite his party’s lower house election pledge not to do so unless certain conditions are satisfied. Many of the demonstrators were young and expressed their anger, saying, “Japan will become a US colony”. The TPP will negatively affect not only agriculture but also healthcare, food, insurance and copyrights in Japan. UCHIDA Shoko, who “sneaked into” the venue of the TPP negotiation held in Singapore in the same month, exposed, “A US negotiator clearly said that it is impossible for Japan to overturn anything that has been decided”. Some US multinational corporations, such as Fedex, Google and pharmaceutical companies, joined the negotiation to collect some information, making her “feel the negotiation process is controlled by such US multinationals”. (M)




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