Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Time-limited strike of Mr. Hiratsuka (a Union Yokosuka member) at Nissan settled

HIRATSUKA Ryoji, an assembly line worker at Nissan and our union member, ended his 2-hour strike at its Oppama Plant last January, which he had continued every day since July 2012 over his return to workplace after his 3-year leave of absence due to low back pain. Since Nissan clearly stated not to impose any disciplinary punishment against him by reason of the action he had taken, we reached an agreement with Nissan that Mr. Hiratsuka would continue to work on light duty from February onwards in accordance with his handicap.

Nissan has a reinstatement program for those who took a leave of absence due to a mental illness. However, the auto manufacturer has not changed its policy that assembly line workers be allowed to return only to the previous position. Mr. Hiratsuka achieved a great deal by leaving Nissan’s in-house union and joining the Union Yokosuka. On March 11, 2013, we concluded an agreement with the company at the Kanagawa Prefectural Labor Relations Commission.

Nissan has significantly reduced production in all of its plants and some uncertainties remain, but our union is still satisfied with the settlement through labor-management negotiations that will continue at Nissan. The auto manufacturer has fully accepted a request for an annual bonus from the in-house union in its spring labor offensive.

KOJIMA Takeshi

執行委員長 小嶋 武志

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