Sunday, July 28, 2013

A textbook that tells the truth is unacceptable! The folly of the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education still continues

  On June 27, 2013, the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education expressed an “opinion” to dissuade high schools from adopting Jikkyo Shuppan’s textbook of Japanese history, which describes the coercion of “Hinomaru national flag and Kimigayo national anthem” at schools. A group of teachers against the coercion issued a statement against the opinion, insisting that the action of the board of education coerces certain ideas further. Here is an angry comment of a person who witnessed a regular meeting of the board of education, which was partially open to the public: “I was sitting in the meeting when the opinion of the board was read out. Before that, KIMURA Tsutomu, the chairperson of the board, said, ‘I ordered the school superintendent to summarize views from the educational board members and pass them down to schoolmasters’. As soon as I complained about this, a staff of the department of administration told me ‘Keep quiet’. I further insisted that it was ridiculous. Then, Kimura, the chairperson, shouted, “Shut up!” He continued the meeting, saying, “The opinion was confirmed by consensus” and “The next is a closed session." Thus, the open session was terminated.



627日、都教委は「日の丸・君が代」の強制を記述した実教出版の高校教科書「日本史B」(写真)を各学校で採択しないようにという「見解」を出した。これに対して、河原井さん根津さんらの「君が代」解雇をさせない会は、「思想の強制を推し進める」暴挙だとして抗議声明を発表した。また都教委定例会を傍聴したMさんが怒りの報告を寄せている。・・・実教出版の「日本史B」の教科書を採択しないようにという見解が読み上げられた時、私は都教育委員会定例会を傍聴していた。木村委員長が「私から教育長に対し、教育委員の意見を踏まえて見解をまとめ、校長に周知するよう指示した」の説明後、見解は読み上げられた。思わず「何、この委員会!」と口走った途端、総務部の女性職員が「静かにしてください」と注意してきた。「これが静かにしていられますか」と言うと、 木村委員長が烈火のごとく叫んだ。「静かにしなさい!」と。そして、「教育委員の総意として確認されました」「続いて、非公開審議に移ります」と公開審議は打ち切られた。 

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