Sunday, July 7, 2013

Parents of Koroshi victim ask LDP: “Will you let WATANABE stand?

June 28 the parents of MORI Mina, who killed herself due to overwork at Watami, visited Liberal Democratic Party headquarters to ask party leaders why it was sending a person who intentionally killed their daughter to the parliament. WATANABE Miki, ex-president of the Watami fast-food restaurant chain, is going to stand for the upcoming upper house election from the LDP in the proportional representation constituency. Mori’s father, Takeshi, strongly criticized Mori at the press conference. “Watami’s motto is ‘Work 24 hours a day 365 days a year till your die’. So I can say the company deliberately killed my daughter. They employed her with the intention to kill her and made her work for low wages and said they were not accountable for her death. I should call him a hardened criminal.” When asked what he was going to ask the Party, Mori replied,” I just want to ask ‘Are you really going to run someone like him as a candidate?’.” (MATSUMOTO Chie) 


 ・動画4分(土屋トカチ) *写真=自民党本部前で集会


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