Sunday, July 28, 2013

Don’t lie! Don’t deceive! Protest against applications for restart of nuclear power plants in Japan

In the early morning of July 8, 2013, many citizens came to the building in which Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) is located in the Roppongi district in central Tokyo in protest against the applications for the restart of nuclear power plants, which were filed by four electric power companies. The demonstrators who came to this place to protest showed what is wrong with the applications. A woman from Hokkaido complained, “The Tomari Nuclear Power Plant has not been protected by a seawall at all. It is scheduled to be built in 2015, but the operator of the plant wants to resume its operation this December. This is stupid. It is said that there is a big active fault near Reactor 1 of the plant. No safety measures have been taken at all for the plant. The NRA should reject the application”. Demonstrators who are involved in campaigns against possible restart of other nuclear power plants, such as Oi, Takahama (both near the Kansai area), Ikata (on the Shikoku Island) and Sendai (on the Kyushu Island), disclosed lies and deceits of the plant operators one after another. A woman from Fukushima said in a bitter voice, “The disaster of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant has never been contained at all. Radioactivity still leaks. Remember Fukushima”. The protest continued for approximately two hours. (M)



高層ビルが林立する東京・六本木の規制庁ビル前には、8日早朝から「電力4社の再稼働申請」に抗議する市民が続々と集まった。4社の地元から反対派は自費で上京、それぞれの原発の「再稼働申請」の問題点を文字にして抗議の声を上げた。北海道から来た女性は、「泊原発は防潮堤ができていない。2年後の平成27 年に出来上がるというのに今年12月に動かすと言っている。こんなバカげたことがありますか。一号機の近くには大きな活断層があると言われている。安全対策のまったくない再稼働申請は許せない。規制委員会は門前払いしてほしい」と強く訴えた。大飯・高浜・伊方・川内の原発現地の反対市民からも、電力各社のウソと欺瞞ぶりが次々と語られた。また福島の女性からは、「福島原発はまったく収束していない。放射能が今もまき散らされている。忘れるな福島」と悲痛な訴えがあった。約80人の人々は2時間にわたり、抗議の声を上げた。(M
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