Sunday, July 7, 2013

Citizen's media activist sues government over "Oneness TV" equipment seizure

Readers may be aware of the raid carried out by the Fukui prefectural police on the citizen's media activist KANEKO Yuzuru and "Oneness TV" in which media equipment was seized.
 At a June 17 meeting in Fukuoka about this incident, it was announced that a lawsuit has been filed against the state seeking compensation for the unfair raid and seizure of equipment. Kaneko's two hour documentary about the 2012 attempt to block the re-start of the Oi nuclear power plant: "The Truth of Occupy Oi -- what happened in the 36 hour occupation?" can be seen on YouTube.(S)
* = Photo from YouTube video

市民メディア「Oneness TV」の機材押収事件~不当弾圧許さず国賠提訴へ
民メディア Oneness TV(ワンネス・ティーヴィー)を主として活動頂いている金子譲さんが、福井県警より不当な家宅捜索を受け、メディア機材を押収されたことをご存じの方もおられると思います。昨日(617日)福岡市で、ご本人を中心に会合が持たれ、国家賠償を求める訴訟に踏み切ることが確認されました。金子譲さんは、昨年6月30日から7月2日にかけての大飯原発再稼働阻止の行動を取材され、

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