Sunday, July 7, 2013

NO to the “new standards for restarting nuclear plants”! Friday Demo in the rain, June 21

Angry people filled the streets at the weekly Friday demonstration on June 21, the day after the Nuclear Regulation Authority declared the Oi Nuclear Plant to be mainly congruent with the New Safety Standards.  Though the plant has not fully cleared the Standards, the decision allows it to be restarted. The Authority claims the New Standards are the most stringent in the world, but it is the  loopholes in the Standards that may make the restart of the defective plants possible. For example, the evaluation of the active fault under the reactors was postponed. These Standards are in fact made to push nuclear power plants forward, by persuading the public that it is safe to restart. The lesson of Fukushima is different: all nuclear plants must be decommissioned.  (Shinya)
Photo:"We do not need nuclear power plants"


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