Sunday, August 25, 2013

Park Jong-seok Demands Hitachi Take Responsibility as Nuclear Reactor Manufacturer

A rally to protest against the restarts of idle nuclear reactors In Japan and the exports of nuclear power plants was held in Tokyo on August 5, where Park Jong-seok (photo), an ethnic Korean worker of Hitachi Ltd., demanded his own employer take responsibility for the 2011 disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant as one of the manufacturers of the reactors there. "Tepco, the operator of the plant, is not the only company that should be held responsible for the disaster. Should we not accuse reactor manufacturers for their social and moral responsibilities as well? Hitachi, the company that I work for, is about to export nuclear plants to Lithuania, appealing that they aspire to becoming a provider of 'safer nuclear energy' for the world. Mitsubishi and Toshiba are also proceeding with plans to export their reactors to India, Viet Nam, Middle East and Eastern Europe. At the Fukushima Daiichi plant, workers, mostly employed by subcontractors at the bottom of the pyramid of multi-layered subcontracting system, are risking their lives in the containment project of the crippled reactors, by being exposed to high level of radioactivity daily. Hitachi and Toshiba are making huge profits with the containment project, adding to their already large earnings. Workers at Hitachi are obedient followers of the logic of capitalism, simply performing the requirements given by their supervisors. Talking about 'the nuclear accident' is considered to be a taboo: Nobody mentions it. There is no democracy in the in-house union there where the candidates for the leaders election are not in fact interested in union activities, unable therefore to show visions or plans for union activities to fellow members. Only the names and divisions of candidates are posted in the election campaign. They do not demand the top management take responsibility for the disaster," reported Park.

朴鐘碩さん 原発メーカー日立の責任を問う~8.5「原発の再稼働・輸出に抗する集会」


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