Friday, August 16, 2013

We are not alone!~Anti-nuke candidates win upper house election

In LDP’s landslide victory in the Upper House election held on July 21, YAMAMOTO Taro and KIRA Yoshiko won the Tokyo constituency by adopting anti-nuclear policies. They are both committed to eradicating nuclear energy. More than 200 supporters and media gathered at Yamamoto’s office to see the election til the end. Shortly after 9 p.m., Yamamoto’s name appeared as the candidate projected to win, and people gave a happy shout. “It was hard to win this election, but I will have to walk on a thorny path from now,” Yamamoto said. “I feel the strong force that is trying to crush me. My allies are those who give priority to the people and not to the profit. I will keep running for the next six years and link up the civil society in Japan.” Yamamoto, who once called his party “The New Party I Am Currently Alone” at the lower house election in December, celebrated his victory by shouting “I am not alone!” with his supporters. (By M)
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自 公圧勝のなか、東京選挙区では、山本太郎(無所属)と吉良よし子(共産党)の脱原発候補2名が当選を果たした。ともに30歳代のバリバリの脱原発派だ。 21日夜、開票結果を見守る山本太郎事務所は、支援者・マスコミなど200人以上が集まり、すし詰め状態。午後9時すぎに「当確」が出ると大歓声が湧き起 こった。記者会見で山本氏は、「選挙も辛かったがこれからはもっとイバラの道だ。回りはつぶそうとする勢力ばかり。私の味方は、企業の利益でなく人間の価 値を優先する人々だ。これから6年間走り続け、全国の運動をつなぐ役割を果たしたい」と語った。「新党 今はひとり」を名乗ってきた山本氏。締めのコールは「万歳」でも「頑張ろう」でもなかった。その場で決まったコールは「もう一人じゃない!」。カメラのフ ラッシュを浴びながら、ビルを揺るがす大コールが響きわたった。(M) 
動画(山本太郎当選 7分)山本太郎NHKインタビュー動画

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