Tuesday, October 8, 2013

‘Please keep the international pledge, Mr. Abe’~ Farewell rally against restart of nuclear power plants on 9.14

“Farewell rally against restart of nuclear power plants on 9.11” was held at Kameido-chuo park in Tokyo, with 9,000 people gathering, on the 14th, the day before No. 4 reactor at Oi nuclear plant was to go offline for regular maintenance and Japan was to become nuclear power-free. “Prime Minister Abe said, ‘the impact of the leak has been completely blocked” and “the situation is under control.’ If so, we don’t need to gather here. Now that he made the international pledge, we’ll get him to do it. ……. Nobody, including TEPCO, takes responsibility. Media are dominated by news about the Olympics. The festival has started, in which issues concerning nuclear power plants, U.S. military base and TPP will be concealed from the citizens. For our children and grandchildren, we’ll get the nation to take responsibility at the risk of our generation,” said OCHIAI Keiko, one of the organizers, in her opening speech.
(By Shinya) 


大 飯原発4号機が定期検査に入り再び原発稼働ゼロとなる9月15日を前にした14日、「再稼働反対!9.14さようなら原発大集会」が、東京・亀戸中央公園 で9000人を集めて開かれた。主催者の一人落合恵子さんは「安倍首相は『汚染水は完全にブロックされている』『アンダーコントロールされている』と言っ た。そうならここに集まっている必要はない。国際公約をしたからにはやってもらおうじゃないの。・・・東電をはじめ誰も責任を取らない。メディアはオリン ピック一色。原発も基地問題もTPPも隠されていくお祭りが始まった。子や孫たちのために私たちの年代を賭けて、この国にきちっと責任をとってもらおうで はありませんか」と開会挨拶。(Shinya

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