Friday, October 25, 2013

No Nukes! No Restart! Save Kids! Massive Protest Beleaguer Government

A massive demonstration took place on Oct. 13 in Kasumigaseki area in central Tokyo where government ministries are located. Approximately 40,000 people took part in the action "No Nukes Day: United Action for Zero Nuclear Power Plants" organized by three civic organizations working for eradication of nuclear power generation, despite the unusually high temperature and strong sun shine for mid-October. The participants, many carrying musical instruments, were members of various civic organizations, labor unions, women's groups and religious organizations as well as individuals. Chants and music echoed in the area. "Cooperation of the three organizing groups resulted in mobilizing such a large number of people," said journalist KAMATA Satoshi, a leader of the organizers, in an interview after the demonstration. "I hope all the people and organizations opposing nukes will cooperate all the time till we achieve the goal, rather than criticizing one another. Former prime minister KOIZUMI Jun'ichiro of ruling Liberal Democratic Party is now openly opposing nuclear power generation. It's not surprising: there must be many others who agree with him even among LDP politicians and business leaders. There is no use condemning Koizumi for his past policies. We should rather consider that we, the people, have given impact on them and making divisions among them. I wouldn't mind working with Koizumi or any others so long as it will help build the nuclear-free society," he said. (By M) 

1013日(日)暑さも感じる晴天のこの日、東京・霞ヶ関一帯で、「No Nukes Day 原発ゼロ統一行動」が展開された。首都圏反原発連合・さようなら原発1000万人アクション・原発をなくす全国連絡会の三団体共同の呼びかけに応え、市民団体・労働組合・婦人団体・宗教団体・個人など文字通りありとあらゆるグループ個人が「脱原発」の一点で結集した。賑やかなドラム・音楽、そして「原発いらない、再稼働反対、子どもを守れ」のコールが響き渡った。呼びかけ人の一人、鎌田慧さんはデモ後にインタビューに応えた。「これだけ集まったのは3者で力をあわせたから。お互い批判しないで力をあわせて脱原発まで頑張りたい。小泉純一郎が脱原発を言い出したが当然のこと、自民の中にも経済人の中にもそういう考えの人は一杯いる。小泉は悪い奴といっても始まらない。ぼくらの運動がかれらの中に分岐を作り出したと考えるべきではないか。とにかく、脱原発の人はみんな引き込んで原発をなくしていきたい」と語った。(M
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