Thursday, October 10, 2013

I cannot obey order if I listen to my ideology, conscientiousness

  TANAKA Satoshi looked nervous when he came out of the last training. “I was asked if I was able to commit myself never to disobey orders (refuse to stand for the national anthem),” Tanaka said. “I told them that I could not obey such an order if I believed in my ideology and I listen to my conscientiousness. I was modest, but I was able to tell them straight I will not change my mind.” He sounded sure. Tanaka went through the training for the 17th time on September 17 to learn never to refuse to stand up for the national anthem. At the training center, there are more than 60 people in his support. (By SASAKI Yumi)

研修センターでの最後の研修を終えて出てきた田中聡史さん(板橋特別支援学校教員)は、やや緊張気味だったが「最後に、今後二度と服務事故(不起立)を起こ さないと決意できたかと質問された。私は、思想・良心に従ったらそのような命令には従えないと答えた。控えめだが転向はしないと断言できた」と元気よく 語った。917日、「君が代不起立」を理由にした田中さんの17回目の服務事故再発防止研修が水道橋の都教職員研修センターで行われた。研修センター前 には、60人余りの支援者が集まり、田中さんを激励した。(佐々木有美)

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