Friday, October 25, 2013

Block Watered-Down Policy for the Act to Support Children and Others Affected by Fukushima Nuclear Accident! Emergency Action at the PM's Office

An action in front of the Prime Minister's Office was urgently called for on Oct. 7 to prevent the cabinet from endorsing the draft basic policy for the act to support children and others affected by the Fukushima nuclear accident. The basic policy drafted by the reconstruction agency was to be discussed in the cabinet meeting on Oct. 11. The protesters demanded that the policy be re-drafted substantially. The Support Act approved unanimously in the Diet in June 2012 is to provide effective assistance by the government to those who were affected by the Fukushima nuclear accident, children in particular. It has a comprehensive program to support affected population in terms of medical treatment, re-establishment of bases for living including accommodation and employment, and other aspects of life. Those who have evacuated from the areas exposed to a designated level of radiation or the above annually are covered by the program no matter whether they return to the designated areas or continue to live away. Concerned public offices are obliged to decide the details of the program through dialogue with the beneficiaries. Since it is impossible to predict the effects of the radioactive contamination, the contents of the program are subject to periodical reviews held with participation of citizens. (By NISHINAKA Seiichiro) 


107日首相官邸前で、復興庁が策定した「基本方針案」の抜本的な見直しと、1011日に予定されている同案の閣議決定の中止を求める緊急行動が行われ た。「原発事故子ども・被災者支援法」は福島原発事故被害者への政府補償を求めて、昨年6月に国会で全会一致で可決成立した。一定の年間追加被曝線量を超 える地域からの避難、対象地域での居住、同地域への帰還の如何を問わず、医療健康対策や、避難先での住宅や就労等の支援を政府の責任で行うプログラム法 で、法律を具体化する過程で、居住/避難/帰還住民からの意見を聴取し、施策に反映させることを義務づける制度設計になっている。放射能汚染による健康や 生活への影響が予見できないため、官民が協力して定期的に見直していく画期的な法制度だ。(西中誠一郎)  

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