Thursday, October 10, 2013

Never allow sweat-shop corporations! Music teachers go on strike

  Tens of music teachers in their 20s and 30s stood holding musical instruments in front of their workplace Enjoy Your Sound music school at Tokyo’s high-end Ginza district to demand better working conditions on September 21. They established a union in July after being forced to work 10 hours without any breaks long enough to go to the bathroom, without overtime pay and with other problems. The school refused to attend a collective bargaining session because it complained about the number of members attending the negotiation. The union decided to launch a strike. One of the members on the day of the strike said she was nervous, while the union president (see photo), 31, told he wants to improve harsh working environment. The members each had a say. “We are not objects.” “I want to get paid for what I do.” “I want to give students good lessons. Give us decent breaks between work.” Between the speeches, they performed music on the streets of Ginza and gathered attention of shoppers.(M) 

21日昼、東京・銀座の一角に2030代の若者、数十人が楽器を持ちながら集まった。かれらはEYSEnjoy Your Sound)音楽教室の講師たちだ。残業代未払い・トイレも行けない10時間連続労働・ワンマン経営に耐えかねて、ついに7月労組(東京東部労組EYS支 部)を結成した。しかし、すぐに組合敵視が始まり、出席人数を理由に団交拒否する会社に対して、この日初めてストライキを決行した。腕章を付けるのも初め ての女性は「緊張しています」と語る。委員長の大多良学さん(写真)は31歳。「過酷な労働環境を変えていきたい」と訴えた。一人一言のアピールでは「私 たちはモノではない」「働いた分の給料下さい」「生徒に充実したレッスンを届けたい。まともな休憩時間を」など、切実な声が次々に飛び出した。街頭演奏を 挟みながらの「ブラック企業は許さない」アピール行動は、銀座の街の注目を一身に浴びていた。(M

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