Friday, October 25, 2013

State Secrets Protection Bill Would Kill Constitution, Journalists Say on Labornet TV

YONEKURA Gaisho, a reporter of Ryukyu Shimpo Newspaper of Okinawa and the vice president of Japan Federation of Newspaper Workers Unions (photo), showed a newspaper reporting the first case of the arrest of a reporter under State Secrets Protection Act in the Labornet TV program aired on Oct. 9. The paper was fictional one that the union produced in order to inform its members and general public of what would possibly  happen if the state secrets protection bill was enacted. The bill would be submitted to the extraordinary Diet session scheduled to start on Oct. 15. "Our union is opposing the bill. We don't want to be in a position to write such a report. Even now, our right to know is not fully ensured and the government leaves us in the dark regarding many issues. The law would deprive us of the right to know and the freedom of press completely, and eventually kill the constitution," said Yonekura. "The bill was initially called the state secrets security bill, but the Abe administration changed it as they always do: changing the name when opposed to soften the image and disguise the harmful nature of the substance," said TOKAIRIN Satoshi of Mainichi Shimbun Newspaper. "What is really dreadful about this bill is that the police daily and thoroughly search into the privacy of those who have access to confidential information of the state and collect information on almost all aspects of life including debts, medical records and relationship. In fact, 53,000 public servants have already been subjected to such a survey without consent." Are we heading toward a surveillance society where people live in constant fear and, then, fascism?  But Tokairin said strongly, "we will kill the bill by all means!"  (By M)


「取 材記者 初の逮捕」の大見出し。新聞労連が出した「架空新聞」を広げて、米倉外昭記者(写真)は109日のレイバーネットTVで語った。「こんな新聞を出さない ために秘密保全法に反対している。今でさえ情報が隠されているのに、この法律は知る権利報道の自由を完全に奪う。それは憲法がなくなるというこ とだ」。
 東海林智記者は「最初は秘密保全法と言っていたが今は秘密保護法に名前を変えた。これは安倍のよく使う手口で、批判が出てきたので柔らかいイメー ジの言葉に変えただけ。この法律で怖いのは、情報を取り扱う人の管理調査が警察によって日常的に行われ、借金・通院歴・交友関係に至るプライバシーにまで 及ぶこと。実際、すでに国家公務員53000人が本人の同意なしに身辺調査が行われた事実がある」。
行き着く先は監視社会、萎縮社会、ファシズムか。「こ の法律は絶対つぶす」東海林記者は語気を強めた。(M

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