Friday, October 25, 2013

Protesters March around NPC Inc. Demanding Reinstatement of Union Members

Union G.K.I. organized a demonstration on Oct. 2 against NPC Nihon Insatsu (NPC Inc.)  demanding that the company follow the order by the Tokyo Metropolitan Labor Commission and reinstate union members who were dismissed unlawfully. Some 90 protesters including members and supporters of the union marched around NPC's main office in Tokyo and to its bank, Misui Sumitomo. Some temporary workers in NPC organized a union for themselves to have the company correct the unlawful treatments of them. They gained direct employment with contracts of one-year term and subsequently demanded more favorable contracts including regular employment without terms. NPC however rejected the workers' demands and retaliated with refusals of collective bargaining, suspension of union members from working and eventually dismissals. (By SATO Kazuyuki)


組ジーケーアイと支える会は、10月2日夕方、当組合員を不当解雇した日本印刷に対し、組合員の職場復帰を求めデモ行進を行いました。約90名が上野区民 館前に結集し、日本印刷周辺をデモし、取引先の三井住友銀行にも行きました。この争議は、日本印刷に派遣された労働者が日本印刷で労働組合を結成し、違法 派遣を止めさせ契約の直接雇用(1年契約)を勝ち取り、さらに雇用期間の定めのない正社員化等を求めた組合に対する報復として、団体交渉拒否、組合員に対 する出社停止、雇止め解雇が行われたことで始まりました。(佐藤和之)

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