Friday, October 25, 2013

In Memory of TANAKA Shozo・The Great March to the Future ~ His Countrymen Proud of Their Hometown’s Great Man

On October 12 and 13, the centennial events after the death of TANAKA Shozo were held in his hometown, Sano City. He scrambled to resolve mineral poison affairs at Ashio Copper Mine, which was said to be the origin of environmental pollutions in Japan. The events, which were organized by the group to mark the centennial after the death of TANAKA Shozo, were held on the 12th, and “The Great March to Future, In Memory of TANAKA Shozo” on the 13th. Setting off from Sosyuji-temple (also well known as Sano-Yakuyoke-Daishi, an apotropaic temple), where Shozo’s funeral was held on October 12, 1913, the march of tens of thousands of people proceeded the streets to Sano Station, about 1.5 kilometers in total. Led by the high-school wind bands, nearly 1000 people enjoyed marching along the streets, dressed up as Shozo or peasants.   (By Shinya) 

10 月12・13日、日本の公害の原点・足尾銅山鉱毒事件の解決に奔走した田中正造没後100年記念祭が、正造の出身地・佐野市で開かれた。主催は市民らでつ くる田中正造没後百年記念事業を進める会。12日に記念式典、13日に「田中正造・未来への大行進」を行なった。行進は1913年10月12日に正造の本 葬儀が行われた惣宗寺(佐野厄除け大師)を出発し、数万人の葬列がつづいたという道を通り、佐野駅までの約1.5キロ。高校生の吹奏楽隊を先頭に千人近い 参加者が、正造や農民のなどに仮装して楽しく練り歩いた。(Shinya

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