Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Japan-Korea sanitation workers exchange

Blue-collar workers in the public sector are rapidly being casualized, both in Japan and Korea. On June 26th, a meeting was held at the SK Plaza in Tokyo to report on the experience in Seoul City of converting casual blue-collar workers into regular municipal workers. The meeting was organized by sanitation workers’ unions in Tokyo and South Korea. The Tokyo Sanitation Workers’ Union, which organizes municipal sanitation workers, and the Tokyo Sanitation Truck Drivers’ Union, which organizes workers in the private subcontracting companies hosted the Korean Democratic Allied Union, an affiliate of KCTU that organizes sanitation workers in cities across Korea. The Korean union  sent 15 representatives to Japan for this, the fourth exchange between sanitation workers in Japan and Korea.
 At the beginning of the meeting, participants observed a moment of silence for the victims of the Sewol tragedy, which was caused by casual labor. Chon Sunyon, the president of Korean Democratic Allied Union, reported on the spread of casual labor in Korea and the conversion of Seoul city casual workers into regular workers. (TAKAHEI Masahiro)

新 自由主義の全面化 の中で公務員の現業部門で非正規化が急 激に進んでいる。そんな非正規化と闘う日韓清掃労働者が集まり、26日夜、東京のSKプラザで「非正規公務員の正規雇用化報告集会」を開いた。第4回目と なる日本の清掃労働者と交流するために来日した韓国の民主労総傘下の民主連合労働組合の各地代表15人を含め、100名が集まった。主催は東京清掃労働組 合 と自治労公共サービス清掃労組、前者が東京二十三区の公務員労働者の組合で、後者は民間下請けの清掃車運転手の組合。それにNPO法人官製ワーキングプア 研究会。集会の冒頭にセウォン号沈没は非正規労働が招いた事故であり、全員で犠牲者に黙とうを行った。韓国のチョン・スンヨン(民主連合労働組合委員長) が「ソウル:正規職化報告および韓国非正規問題」と題して報告を行った。(報道部・高幣) 

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