Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What happens if we take up others’ fights? ~a former Self-Defense Force official speaks against the right of collective defense

I used to serve in the missile troop of Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force. My duty was to shoot down the fighters coming to attack Japan. We are concerned about Senkaku islands or North Korean missiles and other issues these days, aren’t we? The Self-Defense Forces properly deal with such matters. The SDF members are sworn in to protect the lives of the people even by risking their own lives. Please feel assured of that. The right of collective self-defense, which I am against, has nothing to do with such cases, however. It is far from defending our country. It doesn’t even mean to respond to the fight as a legitimate self-defense. It means to dive into someone else’s fight that we are not even challenged. That’s what “the right of collective self-defense” means. (part of the speech by a former Self-Defense Force member, DORO Norikazu, in Kobe on June 30 )
 Picture: the message on the signboard says "We don't want to see you, SDF members, die in a war"


私 は元自衛官で、防空ミサイル部隊に所属していました。日本に攻めて来る戦闘機を叩き落とすのが任務でした。いま、尖閣の問題とか、北朝鮮のミサイル問題と か、不安じゃないですか。でも、そういったものには、自衛隊がしっかりと対処します。自衛官は命をかけて国民をしっかり守ります。そこは、安心してくださ い。いま私が反対している集団的自衛権とは、そういうものではありません。日本を守る話ではないんです。売られた喧嘩に正当防衛で対抗するというものでは ないんです。売られてもいない他人の喧嘩に、こっちから飛び込んでいこうというんです。それが集団的自衛権なんです。(元自衛官・泥憲和)

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