Tuesday, July 29, 2014

No to path to war! – 3,000 join anti-war rally

The Abe Administration, which approved the right to collective self-defense for the first time after the end of World War II despite Article 9 of Japan’s Peace Constitution, briefed the cabinet approval at the budget committees of both of the Lower and Upper Houses on July 14 and 15, 2014. Prior to that, approximately 3,000 people protested the approval on July 13. Their strong anger was expressed in various placards, saying, “Why are you going to sacrifice youths again?!” “We never send any child to war!” and “The New Komeito is War Party in reality!” The police tried to suppress the movement, but the people’s anger to demand the repeal of the cabinet approval was even stronger so as to fill the road. The protest against the approval continued until July 15. On September 4, another large-scale action will be held against war as well as the cabinet approval in central Tokyo. (M)

 Video (Action in front of the Diet, 6 minutes) 



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