Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Japanese-style fascism: Where will the Self Defense Forces personnel be sent according to the right to collective self-defense?

Japan’s Abe Administration forcibly approved the right to collective self-defense in a cabinet meeting. The right has never been an issue in any national elections before, but it was approved only by a handful of cabinet members in defiance of democracy. I am very afraid that this is very similar to the start of fascism in Germany under Adolf Hitler with the Enabling Act. In other words, this will possibly become the beginning of Japanese-style fascism. Therefore, great many people gathered in front of the Prime Minister’s Office and a man set himself afire in the Shinjuku district in protest against the approval of the right to collective self-defense. Many international media outlets extensively reported these actions. However, if only a few cabinet members can distort the constitution, it is possible for us to kick the current major party, the Liberal Democratic Party, out of power in the next election so as to “restore” the peace constitution. (“Dodogamine”, TERASHIMA Takayoshi)

* Photo: Action in front of the Prime Minister’s Office in protest against the approval of the right to collective self-defense



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