Wednesday, July 30, 2014

‘Let’s not contain our anger, raise our voices!”---7.9 Protest against restart of Sendai nuclear power plant

“10 million people’s action to say goodbye to nuclear power plants” held an emergency rally in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park on July 9. It was because on the same day the Nuclear Regulatory Agency was expected to give its report on the safety screening results for the Sendai nuclear power plant. Although the turnout was smaller--at about 300--than usual due to the short notice and the rain, they marched through the streets of Shibuya to protest against resumption of the plant. OCHIAI Keiko called out to the people, “Don’t withhold your anger but refuel your anger and never give up.”  UEHARA Kimiko, former mayor of Kunitachi City in Tokyo, made a strong appeal, “Let us live! Let’s overcome political differences and rise together against the government!” (By Shinya)


原 子力規制委員会が川内原発の審査報告を出すのではないかとされた7月9日夕方、「さようなら原発1000万人アクション」は東京・代々木公園で緊急集会を 開き、雨の渋谷の街を、川内原発再稼働反対を訴えデモ行進した。急の呼びかけと雨で参加者は300名と少なかったが、落合恵子さんは「怒りおさめてしまわ ず、あきらめずに、怒り直して」と呼びかけ、元国立市長の上原公子さんは「党派の違いを乗り越えて、生きさせろ!一揆運動を起こそう」と訴えた。 (shinya)

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