Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weekly Friday Action: Hope Farm owner Yoshizawa’s protest action

On July 20th, YOSHIZAWA Masami, who runs a  farm called “Hope Farm” in the town of Namie in Fukushima, came to Tokyo on a truck together with a cow exposed to radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi. The cow had white spots indicating the effects of the radiation. Yoshizawa and his supporters joined the weekly protest action and went to protest against Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Ministry of Environment. They went on to the Diet and Prime Minister’s office with a life-size model of a cow. They were joined in front of the Diet by Doctor Matsumoto from Oita City in Kyushu. He told the protesters, “More than 90 children have been diagnosed as having thyroid cancer in Fukushima. The mass media is busy covering the World Cup and neglecting to report what is going on in our Diet. The basic policy of Abe cabinet is to neglect human lives. Approval of the right to collective defense, the restart of nuclear power plants, and the export of nuclear plants are all coming from the same root.” (KINOSHITA Masaki)

金 曜日の官邸抗議の日、6 20日午後、福島県の浪江町から「希望の牧場」の吉沢正巳さんが、一頭の被ばく牛を軽トラックに乗せてやってきた。牛には白い斑点がみられ、被ばくが原 因と思われた。吉沢さんと支援者たちは農水省と環境省をまわって抗議行動を行った。その後、吉沢さんたちは牛の模型を台車に乗せて、官邸前や国会前を ねり歩き、抗議の声を上げた。国会前集会で大分在住の松本医師は、「福島の子どもたちの甲状腺がんは、すでに90人を超えている。マスコミはサッカーばか りで、国会でどんなでたらめな議案が協議されているかさえ報道されていない。…人間のいのちを粗末にするというのが安倍政権の基本。集団的自衛権も原 発再稼働も原発輸出も軌を一にしたものだ」と語った。(木下昌明) 
動画(木下昌明撮影 5分)

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