Tuesday, July 29, 2014

No US base at Atagoyama! – 500 join protest action in Iwakuni

On July 12, 2014, approximately 500 people joined a rally against the new United States Military base in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The construction of houses and gyms for US Military personnel started at the Atagoyama area in the city according to the transfer of 59 aircraft carrier-based planes to the Iwakuni Base. Citizens in the city have protested the move with regular rallies and demonstrations. This urgent meeting was called to protest the 15 KC130 refueling planes, which were to be transferred from the Marine Corps Air Station Futemma in Okinawa on July 15. The protest is the people’s determination against the Iwakuni Base to become the biggest military base in Northeast Asia. The following appeal was adopted: “Do our best for a safe future of Iwakuni and a peaceful Japan, and against any additional military base anywhere”. After the rally, the participants marched in Atagoyama, expressing their anger. (Yamaguchi, Asian-Wide Campaign Kyushu)


7月12日、山口県岩国市で「愛宕山に新たな米軍基地はいらない7・12市民大集会」が開催され、約500人が参加しました。米空母艦載機59機の岩国基地への移駐に伴い、愛宕山には米軍住宅や米軍の運動施設の建設工事が開始しました。それに対し岩国市民は、工事中止を求め愛宕山で定期的に集会とデモに取り組んでいます。15日にKC130空中給油機15機が普天間より移駐される問題もあり、岩国基地が極東最大の基地に転換することを許さないとの意思を改めて示そうと、緊急集会が呼びかけられたのです。集会アピールでも「安全で安心な岩国の未来のため、ひいては平和な日本を実現するため、どこにも新たな米軍基地を作らせないために全力を尽くそう」と採択。最後に「怒」のパフォーマンスをし(写真)、愛宕山をデモ行進しました。(アジア共同行動 九州・山口)

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