Sunday, March 15, 2009

Anti-Poverty Campaign Callout. “No Cuts” Performance Held In Front of Keidanren

In the light rain during the lunch break on February 25th, a performance of “No Cuts” was held in front of the Keidanren. The call out for the performance was made by the Anti-poverty Campaign. The police mobilized large numbers of riot police and security guards, and their overreaction was highly visible as they threatened to arrest the organizers in the campaign vehicle for “illegal parking”. Despite such intimidation, some 150 members of the Shutoken Youth Union, Tobu Union, Gatenkei-Rentai, and Women’s Union turned out for the performance. One of the speakers “S”, a worker from Mitsubishi Fuso who had been made redundant at the end of February and told to leave the company dorms, protested that: “I’ve got no money, no job. They say leave, but I can’t.” The crowd shouted words of encouragement such as “You don’t have to leave!” The final performance involved all the participants raising their placards saying “No Cuts” to voice their protest against the Keidanren. Click link to see photos from Mkimpo, link to Anti-Poverty Campaign homepage, or video from UnionTube.

 2月25日昼、小雨まじりの東京・経団連ビル前で反貧困ネットが呼びかけた「切るな」パフォーマンスが行われた。警察は、機動隊と公安を大動員し、主催者の宣伝カーを「駐車違反で逮捕する」と脅すなど異常な過剰警備が目立った。そんななか首都圏青年ユニオン・東部労組・ガテン系連帯・女性ユニオンなどアクティブなユニオンメンバーが続々と集まり、150人に膨れあがった。派遣切りで2月末で寮退去を迫られている三菱ふそうのSさんが「金も仕事もない。出ろと言われても出られない」と訴えると「出なくていいぞ!」と激励の声が飛んだ。参加者は、最後に「切るな」のプラカードを一斉に掲げるパフォーマンスを行い、首切りの総本山・経団連に怒りをぶつけた。 ムキンポ氏の写真反貧困ネットHP(リンク)・動画(UnionTube)

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