Sunday, March 1, 2009

Topple Aso! Topple the Cabinet! Action - Lively Demonstration in Shinjuku, Tokyo

"Hey, Aso, don't demise automatically. Wait so we can knock you down properly!" --- A demonstration took place on February 8 an the main streets of Shinjuku, Tokyo, calling to stand up for democracy instead of allowing irresponsible self-demolition of the administration (staged by an ad hoc committee). Starting at the Okubo Park behind the Shinjuku Koma Theatre, about 200 participants went through Kabukicho to the Yasukuni street. A video-shooting crew from the security police was before the front line of the demonstration. Police officers from the PR section repeated spiritless warnings while walking around with a transistor megaphone. In the face of surrounding policemen in uniform or in plane clothes, participants mightily beat the instruments they had brought with them and appealed loudly in rhythmical chants, "Get down, Aso! Let's overthrow Aso!" This performancewas even more vitalized with participants in ingenious guises. (Y) See the initiator's blog.

 「おい麻生、勝手に倒れるな!倒させろ!」--無責任な自壊を許さず、民主主義を守ろうと呼びかけたデモ行進が2月8日、東京・新宿のメインストリートを縦断した(主催・実行委)。コマ劇場裏手の大久保公園から出発した約200人の参加者は、歌舞伎町を抜け、靖国通りへ。デモの先頭のさらに前に、公安のビデオ撮影隊が張りつく。広報の警官が、トラメガを抱えて歩きながら、生気のない警告を繰り返している。参加者は、取り囲む私服・制服警官を物ともせずに、持ち寄った楽器を激しく打ち鳴らし、「麻生はやめろ!麻生を倒せ!」と、リズミカルなコールで訴えた。思い思いの仮装で加わった仲間も、パフォーマンスを盛りあげた。(Y) 主催者ブログ

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