Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unacceptable JR-Lumine Business Practice - "Meeting for Listening to BERG's Story" Takes Place

On February 5, JR Watch held a "Meeting for Listening to BERG's Story" in Tokyo. Beer & Cafe BERG located near the east ticket gate of the Shinjuku Station has 19-year long history and is extremely popular among customers for the high-quality coffee and beer offered at reasonable prices. At present, however, the shop is urged to move out by the end of March 2009 by Lumine, a subsidiary of JR East. The meeting featured a three-minute video followed by detailed explanation of the development of the matter by the shop manager Mr. Ino (left) and the assistant shop manager Mr. Hasamagawa (right). Lumine had demanded change of the contract by means of threatening, stroking and deceiving. Their techniques were exactly the same as those employed in persecuting Kokuro (National Railway Workers' Union). BERG for customers, operated according to an utterly different principle from JR's profit-driven business practices. The thirty participants of the meeting had a brainstorming session for expanding the support for BERG. (M) (See the three-minute video of BERGBERG HP)

 2月5日、JRウォッチ主催の「ベルクの話を聞く会」が都内で開かれた。新宿東口改札そばにある「ビア&カフェ・ベルク」は19年の歴史をもち、質の高いコーヒー・ビールを低額で提供し大人気を博している。しかし現在、JR東日本の子会社「ルミネ」から09年3月での立退きを迫られている。この日の会では3分ビデオ上映後、井野店長(左)と迫川副店長(右)から、この間の経緯をじっくり聞いた。ルミネは意に沿わない店を追い出すために、脅し・すかし・だましで契約変更を迫ってきた。そのやり方は、まさにかつての国労イジメの手口と同じだった。JRの金儲け商法の対極にある「お客のための店・ベルク」。参加者30名は、ベルク応援の輪を拡げようと知恵をだしあった。(M) ベルクHP

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