Sunday, March 15, 2009

Demand that Mitsubishi Fuso Recognize the Right Of Laid Off Workers To Stay In Dorms!

On February 26th, the union successfully managed to get Mitsubishi Fuso to recognize their members’ right to stay in the company dorm as a result of negotiations between Mitsubishi Fuso and Shutoken Youth Union (see photo on right). Members were laid off by the labor hire agency after Mitsubishi Fuso terminated its contract with the agency. Shutoken Youth Union won this recognition from Mitsubishi Fuso by campaigning outside its head office with slogans such as “We can’t leave the company dorms” and “We demand that Mitsubishi Fuso recognize our right to stay”. This is a significant victory because it recognizes the right of labor hire workers to stay in company dorms after their contracts have been terminated by the labor hire agency (Reported by Shutoken Youth Union). *Photo taken in front of Keidanren on Feb. 25th.

 2月26日、三菱ふそうと首都圏青年ユニオンとの交渉の結果、三菱ふそうに派遣契約を打ち切られたために派遣会社から解雇されたユニオン組合員(写真右)の三菱ふそうの社員寮の居住について、その継続を認めさせることに成功した。首都圏青年ユニオンは、「寮から退去することはできない」「三菱ふそうは居住の権利を認めろ」と三菱ふそう本社前での宣伝行動をおこない、三菱ふそうとの合意を勝ち取った。この合意は、派遣先企業の社員寮に派遣契約が打ち切られた以降の派遣労働者の居住権を認めさせたという点できわめて重要である。(首都圏青年ユニオン)  *写真=2/25経団連前

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