Saturday, March 28, 2009

“One-Day Action in Osaka” with the Discharged in Struggle against Panasonic

I covered the One-day action in Osaka hosted by the National Council of Zenkoku Ippan trade union on March 2, 2009, which is affiliated to Jichiro (All-Japan Prefectural and Municipal Workers Union). Former Panasonic employees who were fired surrounded the headquarters of the electronic giant, showing the struggle being harder and harder. The action was also joined by Sato Masako in struggle against Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd., Yoshioka Tsutomu in struggle against Panasonic Plasma Display Co., Ltd., and Mr. Miyake who stood up against former Matsushita Refrigeration Company. It obviously implies the formation to confront a huge evil and a new direction of Japan’s labor movement. (Written by Kimura Osamu) * Other photos, videos (UnionTube) . Reported by Yamahara

 3月2日、全国一般全国協議会主催の大阪総行動を取材。パナソニック・グループと闘う解雇者が勢ぞろいし、パナソニック本社を包囲し、闘いの飛躍を実感させる力強い行動になりました。パナソニック電工と闘う佐藤昌子さん、松下プラズマ・ディスプレイと闘う吉岡力さん、そして松下冷機に対して立ち上がった三宅さんもかけつけ、いよいよ巨悪と立ち向かう陣形ができあがるとともに、日本の労働運動がまぎれもなく新たな方向に踏みだしていることを感じさせる行動でした。(木村修) 他の写真・動画(UnionTube)・報告(山原)

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