Saturday, March 28, 2009

Steve Zeltzer Encourages Kokuro Struggle Groups on Sit-in in Front of Parliament

On March 10, 2009, Steve Zeltzer, representative of LaborNet US, interviewed and encouraged Kokuro (National Railworkers Union) Struggle Group members and their families who were on sit-in to demand a political solution for their dismissal. There were some 250 demonstrators including about a hundred unfairly fired workers in front of the parliament. Mr. Zeltzer strongly appealed with a lot of applause, “Privatization caused the destruction of public services and the serious deterioration of working conditions in both the US and Japan. Nakasone (former Japanese prime minister) openly said in an NHK TV program, ‘Privatization was carried out to collapse Kokuro’, but this is a criminal act in violation of labor laws. Nakasone has to be arrested as a criminal and sent to jail”. (Written by M) Related HP


 3月10日、来日中のスティーブ・ゼルツアーさん(レイバーネット米国・写真)が、JR不採用問題の政治解決を求めて座り込んでいる国労闘争団・家族らを取材・激励した。この日国会前には、約100名の被解雇者を中心に計250名が座り込みを続けていた。マイクを握ったスティーブさんは「アメリカでも日本でも、民営化がもたらしたものは、公共サービスの破壊と労働条件の著しい悪化だった。ナカソネがNHKで堂々と“国労をつぶすために民営化をやった”と語っているが、これは労働法違反の犯罪行為である。ナカソネを犯罪者として逮捕し、刑務所に送るべきだ」と力強くアピールし、大きな拍手を浴びた。(M) ・関連HP

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