Sunday, March 15, 2009

One Life Charity Concert Mesmerizes Packed Auditorium

On February 28th, a charity concert “One Song, One Dance, One Life” was held to raise funds for a War and Women Human Rights Museum. The auditorium was packed with close to 900 spectators who were mesmerized by the performance held at Tokyo Hitotsubashi Hall. This concert was held in June last year in Osaka where it was well received, and this time the concert was held in Tokyo under the same name. The three zanichi (Koreans residing in Japan) performers Su-ok Cho (dance), Jeong-mi Lee (song) and Seong-mi Ang (Pansori Korean music) dazzled the audience. The program was the same as in Osaka with Pansori, dance, and song, but the art of each performance in three different genres was so interesting that it deeply impressed the packed audience. The audience was diverse including the old and the young, healthy and people with disabilities (Reported by KY).

満員の観客を魅了した「つながるいのち チャリティーコンサート」
 2月28日「つながる歌 つながる舞 つながるいのち」と題して、戦争と女性の人権博物館建設のためのチャリティーコンサートが東京一ツ橋ホールで開催され、900人弱の座席を満員にする観客を魅了して終了した。このコンサートは昨年6月に大阪で開催され大好評を博した同名のコンサートを東京で開催したもので、出演者は在日コリアンの趙寿(舞)、李政美(歌)、安聖民(パンソリ)の3人。演目はパンソリ、舞、歌と大阪の時とおなじであるが、ジャンルのことなる3つの分野の第一人者による見ごたえの在る芸術表現は満場の感動を誘った。お年寄りから子供、健常者からハンディキャッパーまで観客は年代を問わず幅広かった。(KY生)

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