Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just a Badge, yet Important ? Support Consistent Tsujii-san!

On March 2, 2009, an examination of a witness was held at Kanagawa Prefecture Labor Relations Commission to try the relevancy of punishment (suspension for maximum ten days) to Tsujii Yoshiharu, a staff of Hongodai Station of JR (Japan Rail) East and the only employee of the railway company who continues to wear a Kokuro union badge. Forty workers and citizens came to the examination in support of Mr. Tsujii. It focused on JR East’s refusal to rehire him after his age of retirement due to the badge. Four days later, an event hosted by JR Watch, “Support Tsujii-san”, was held. A new video and a new “Song of the Badge” were introduced, and Sataka Makoto, a critic, delivered a lecture with the title, “JR never learns”. It was revealed just recently that JR East “stole water” from a river, and its “money-first privatization” with little regard for safety and human rights will be questioned. * Relevant HP * Cartoon: Ichihanahana

たかがバッジ されどバッジ~筋をつらぬく辻井さんを応援しよう!
 3月2日、神奈川県労働委員会でJR東日本でただ一人国労バッジ着用を続ける辻井義春さん(JR本郷台駅勤務)への処分(最高10日間出勤停止)が不当であるか否かを審理する証人尋問が開催され、辻井さんを支援する労働者、市民40名が傍聴にかけつけた。JR東日本は、バッジを理由に定年後の再雇用を拒否する通告をしてきており、その問題がこの日の証人尋問の焦点になった。 また3月6日には東京・飯田橋で、JRウォッチ主催の「辻井さんを励ます会」が開催される。新作ビデオや「バッジの歌」の初披露をはじめ、佐高信さんが「懲りないJR」と題して辛口講演を行う。「水泥棒」が明らかになったばかりのJR東日本だが、安全と人権を軽視する「金儲け民営化体質」が改めて問われることになるだろう。 ・関連HP *漫画=壱花花

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