Saturday, March 14, 2009

2/16 Tokyo Collective Action: Joint Action Held With Non-Permanent and Foreign Workers

On February 16th, I covered and participated in the Tokyo Collective Action, a joint action involving the unions and individuals in the disputes against the layoffs and attempts to crush unionism. Unions included the Keihin Hotel Union, who had been fighting hotel closure by running the hotel independently of management, and Brazilian workers from the Kanagawa City Union (see photo). Others were also present such as Tsutomu Yoshioka, involved in the dispute against the use of contract workers who do not have the benefits of labor hire workers, Fukuzou Honda, a worker who was laid off during his trial period, and the National Railway Workers, who have been fighting for over 22 years against the privatization of rail. Those involved in the Toyota Philippines dispute also participated. It was an invigorating day and I felt that the global campaign to build joint action between non-permanent and foreign workers was gaining strength in Japan’s labor movement (Reported by Osamu Kimura).


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