Monday, February 24, 2014

300 protest against state secrets law in front of Diet; Movement has taken root

Hundreds of people participated in protests staged across the country on Feb. 6 against the state secrets law that was forced enacted on Dec. 6, 2013. The protests were organized as the first of a serial actions to be held on the 6th every month. In Tokyo, 300 citizens including many union members gathered in front of the Diet building and expressed their anger and determination to fight till the abolishment of the law through powerful chants. "It is reflected in the large number of participants that the movement against the law has taken root firmly in the society," said a member of the organizing commission. In the rally held in a diet members office building later on the same day, a multi-party Diet members team that visited intelligence agencies of European countries and the U.S. in January reported on their trip. "In the U.S., CIA has built up a surveillance state by secretly spending $10 billion each year since the 9.11, but, due to the negative impact, CIA's activities are getting increasing scrutiny. On the other hand, Japanese government has just decided to establish the equivalent of CIA in Japan. It is utterly unacceptable. A country like the U.S.riddled with state secrets and wars is definitely not the vision for Japan," said MIYAMOTO Takeshi of the Communist Party in the report. (M)  


「秘 密保護法廃止!市民は怒っているぞ!あきらめないぞ!」。寒さを吹き飛ばすように国会前で大コールがわき起こった(写真)。参加者は労組・市民団体・個人 など約300人。この日2月6日は「強行採決の12月6日を忘れない“6の日”」行動の初日で、全国一斉に取り組まれた。たくさんの参加に主催団体(「秘 密保護法」廃止へ!実行委員会)メンバーも「廃止運動は根付いている」と自信を深めた。引き続く院内集会では、超党派の「情報機関」欧米視察団(1月)の 報告があった。共産党・宮本たけし議員(視察団)は「アメリカでは9.11以降、秘密裏にCIAが年間1兆円の予算を使い、監視国家を作り上げてきた。負 の側面が多く、いまそのCIAのやり過ぎがチェックされようとしている。逆に日本政府は日本版CIAをこれから作ろうとしているが、とんでもない。アメリ カのような秘密国家・戦争国家をめざしてはいけない」と強く訴えた。(M) 

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