Saturday, February 1, 2014

“Democracy Now!” comes to the Anti-Nuke Tent and covers anti-nuke action in front of the Prime Minister’s Office

On January 17, 2014, a larger number of people gathered in front of the Prime Minister’s Office to protest the restart of a nuclear power plant than the previous week, expressing their anger with the Japanese Government and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the Tokyo-based nuclear power plant operator. UTSUNOMIYA Kenji, a candidate for the Tokyo governor, appealed, “Let’s make Tokyo environmentally-friendly without dependence on nuclear power generation”. “Democracy Now!” also covered the rally. The independent media outlet in the US is highly appreciated in the country for its coverage from the perspective of the people. Amy Goodman (right in the photo), the newscaster of Democracy Now! and a prominent human rights activist, enthusiastically covered the action. TEPCO will be remembered as a cruel and shameless company not only in Japan but also all around the world. (Shinya) 
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117日の「再稼働反対」金曜行動は前の週より参加者も増え、東電・政府への怒りで溢れていた。この日東京都知事候補の宇都宮けんじさんも参加し、「原発に頼らない環境共生都市をつくろうと訴え、参加者の声援に応えていた。また、ニューヨークの独立報道メディア「デモクラシー・ナウ!」の取材も入った。「マスメディアが取り上げない市民目線の報道」として全米で高い評価を得ている番組だ。著名な人権活動家でありキャスターのエイミー・グッドマンさん(写真右)も姿を見せ、熱心に取材活動をおこなっていた。東電は日本だけでなく、残忍で恥知らずな暗闇企業として世界の人々に記憶されていくだろう。 (Shinya)

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