Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Put women in unions' mainstream!"; Labornet TV program discusses revision of temporary staffing services law

The Abe administration proposed a bill to revise the temporary staffing services law to the current Diet session, aiming for the enforcement in 2015. "Most regular workers will be replaced with temps once the law is enforced," warned the guest speakers to the Labornet TV program aired on Feb. 12. "Those who have jobs without fixed contract terms won't be directly affected, but you will still be part of an evil plan to pass a terrible society full of low-wage jobs and without job security on to the forthcoming generations. Would you dare to do so?" stressed journalist TOKAIRIN Satoshi. "Even now, female temp workers suffer from a variety of serious sexual harassments. It is prohibited for temp agancies' clients to interview candidates registered with agencies. However, in reality, future supervisors interview those who are registered with temp agencies and select the ones of 'their types.' Women are treated just like goods," said lawyer ITAKURA Yumi (photo). Asked by the anchors what to do, Tokairin said we should fight in solidarity. "Since all three national centers, Rengo, Zenroren and Zenrokyo are strongly opposing the revision, we should get united despite differences with respect to other issues," he pointed out. Itakura urged unions to reform their approaches to gender. "A great majority of temp workers are women, but most labor unions are ruled by men and unable to address the temp workers issue effectively. It is necessary to integrate women into the mainstream of labor unions," she said. Even the audience in the studio joined the enthusiastic discussion by proposing a general strike. (M)   
   Archive video (no subtitles)


安 倍政権のもと今国会に上程され、来年から施行されようとしている「派遣法改悪」。これが成立すると、ハケンだらけの社会になる。12日のレイバーネット TVでゲストの二人が警告した。「正社員のあなたはいい。でも自分たちの子どもや孫にとんでもない不安定と低賃金の雇用社会を渡すことになる。それでいい のか!」(東海林智さん)。「今でも派遣女性へのセクハラはひどい。事前面接は禁止されているが実際は、派遣先の上司が面接して“好み”の女性を選んでい るのが実態。女性はモノ扱いだ」(板倉由実弁護士/写真)。ではどうしたらいいのか? 「この法改正には、連合・全労連・全労協など全ての労組が反対で一致している。潮流をこえてたたかうときだ」(東海林)。「ハケンは女性が多い。男性中心 主義の労組では限界がある。組合を女性中心に変えることがポイント」(板倉)。ギャラリーからは「ゼネストだ」の声も飛び出し、熱いトークが続いた。 (M)  

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